Strategic product development with enders

A technical idea is implemented efficiently. We and our customers keep an eye on this goal at all times. Only a finished product finally shows the quality of the development process because only a functioning prototype or a successful near-series provides certainty.

Our philosophy to achieve "practical development results" in all our work, was derived from this insight.

We accompany our customers through the complete process of a new development: from the planning phase to the creation of the resources for the series production.


  • Whether big or small 
    • Vague or clearly defined
      • An individual task or a complete project
        • We look forward to the next step.

enders will realize your idea.


The project content is drawn up together – from the first discussions to project planning and right up to preparing the offer. The specific technical implementation of your project is our core business.

The following phases are the essential milestones in the project execution: concept and specifications, simulation and calculation, design and construction.

Where necessary, the project will be completed by building a prototype and verifying the project.

Our interdisciplinary team of specialists working in close cooperation with you, guarantees optimal development results.


We ensure seamless supervision and support during the validation and delivery of your project to production. After the project is completed your trusted contacts will still remain available to you over the long term.

In a nutshell

  • Development of complete products
  • Illustrated product development process – tailored to customers’ needs
  • Individual partial installations available on demand
  • Adaptive project management tailored to the project and complexity of the tasks
  • Use of established development tools
  • Complete handover of generative data