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printed sensors made of silicone

3D printed sensor based on ACEO® multi-material 3D printing technology


Sensors are an essential component of intelligent and connected systems.

enders presents a new type of sensor.


the pictures show a demo setup with the following features

  • the sensor membrane in the cartwheel design can only be produced by additive manufacturing due to the geometric properties and the integrated conductor path.
  • 2 materials are printed simultaneously using ACEO® multi-material 3D printing technology
  • black material: electrically conductive silicone
  • transparent material: ACEO® GP Silicone
  • high flexibility and robustness of the sensor due to the material properties of silicone


the principle of action

  • By pressing the diaphragm the complete component deforms.
  • With the change in length in the spoke, the electrical resistance of the printed line changes.
  • A colour signal proportional to the compressive force is indicated via the LED display.


The demonstrator will be presented at formnext 2018 at Wacker Chemie AG (3.1-A89).


This is within the scope of development of enders

  • design and development of the sensor membrane
  • development of the electrical contacting of the conductor path in silicone
  • mechanical development of the superstructure
  • development of the electronics for the evaluation of the sensor and control of the LED bars
  • installation and initiation of the "Demonstrator" system module



Contact Mr. Michael Arnold per E-Mail or Phone +49 871 95361 315, he will be happy to answer any questions you may have.



Here you can download the demonstrator trial video and ACEO's press release in PDF format: