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Innovative skills put to the test

New benchmark established

The results of the IMP3rove assessment reflect the outstanding innovative capacity of enders GmbH. During a multi-stage evaluation process devised by the European Innovation Academy and led by Dr. Doebbelin and Mr. Busch from Bayern Innovativ GmbH, innovation management at enders was examined in detail and compared with around 6000 reference data sets.

This professional support also helped us to identify ways in which we can continue to improve our potential for innovation and customer focus in future.

We would recommend this assessment to other companies as well. We would like to thank those responsible at Bayern Innovativ for the organisation and close cooperation. We would be happy to put you in touch. Please contact Ms Gierl if you’re interested.

from the left: Dr. Markus Doebbelin (Bayern Innovativ), Larissa Gierl, Florian Ganz, Dr. Lothar Enders, Rüdiger Busch (Bayern Innovativ)

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