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Adaptive roof wing spoiler

Technology - Demonstration

Aerodynamics - in the conflict between function and design

Not only as a technical gimmick but also with positive influences on the vehicle characteristics as well as fuel consumption, compensated aerodynamic attachments are fitted to vehicle bodies.

A functional model of an adjustable roof edge spoiler is shown here.

The aim of the project was to realise the adjustment function for a Tier 1 supplier by pushing out the spoiler blade to the rear.

Only the envelope volume of the existing spoiler blade was available as installation space - formulated as a hard requirement.

The picture shows the basic constraints:

The functionality is illustrated in the video:


The scope of services of enders included in particular

  • initial the system description of the demonstrator
  • Conception of the kinematics
  • Integration of the drive
  • Procurement and assembly of the functional model

Benefit: demonstrator available within just 3 weeks


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