NEAR-SERIES Prototypes

Prototypes from enders

Simply buy your individual prototypes from enders. We have the complete infrastructure to implement near-series prototypes. Our installation, commissioning and documentation specialists ensure a perfect result.


We see a prototype as a functional model of individual partial functions or the first model of a fully functional product.

enders realizes your prototypes


We start with the realistic and reliable planning of the implementation of your prototypes.

We rely on a well-established network of suppliers for the procurement of parts and components. We supervise and support our manufacturers intensively to ensure the required quality of mechanical, electrical and electronic components. Our specialists carry out the assembling, finalization, commissioning and testing in our modern laboratories and assembly halls.

We are masters at achieving ambitious deadlines for the completion of your prototypes.


After the tests and trials have been completed and your prototype is handed over, your trusted contacts will still remain available to you over the long term.

In a nutshell

  • Production of development accompanying functional models and demonstrators
  • “Proof of Concept" – Evaluations
  • Building of near-series prototypes
  • Shipments of small series – also in coordination with the partner involved in the later series.
  • Technological diversity due to independent supplier network
  • Competence in the fields of mechanics, electronics and software, enabling successful in-house commissioning
  • Infrastructure available for testing and trials

Your contact at enders

Mr. Michael Arnold

+49 871 95 361-315