EASY, RELIABLE, interdisciplinary

Strategic product development

A technical idea is implemented efficiently. We and our customers keep an eye on this goal at all times. Only a finished product finally shows the quality of the development process because only a functioning prototype or a successful near-series provides certainty.

Our philosophy to achieve "practical development results" in all our work, was derived from this insight.

We accompany our customers through the complete process of a new development: from the planning phase to the creation of the resources forthe series production.In every phase of the product development we provide you the necessary reliability and certainty, thanks to the process expertise of our engineering specialists. We stay in close contact at all times in order to ensure satisfaction and high-quality results.

As a partner for our customers in all sectors, we create reliable and sustainable competitive advantages in competitive market segments. Through our high standards, we also meet the most exacting customer requirements.

"We only have permanent success when we create a sustainable advantage for our customers. Our actions are determined by this basic understanding."
Florian Ganz, Managing Director, defines enders' vision of enders

Principles for successful work

  • We are open in our dealings with people
  • We do everything to establish trusting relationships
  • We work hard for our future and the achievement of common goals
  • We support each other
  • We are reliable in adhering to rules and agreements
  • We are constantly developing
  • We are flexible if it means there is a benefit
  • We are sensitive to risks and needs
  • We pay attention to the compatibility of career and family

We deliver certified quality

enders GmbH's quality management system is ISO 9001:2015 certified. This certification shows the outside world that for us the idea of quality plays a major role.

Button Our DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

Faces of enders

The entire development team consists of 60 employees – together with our network of suppliers and specialized service providers, we and our cluster partners are there for you daily when it comes to development, further development, material procurement and finding solutions!

Executive management

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