Automobile manufacturing – concepts, components and manufacturing technology


In the disciplines mechanics, foundry and plastics technology and for manufacturing equipment we work for renowned OEMs and TIER 1 suppliers.

The concepts and functional models represent the first ideas of the exterior and interior. These are used as demonstrators or are installed in vehicles.

Shortly before/after this we create data sets suitable for production for the products' respective production process.

The development and construction of production and test equipment such as measurement fixtures, robotic grippers and special tools, completes our offer.

Thanks to our development specialists' process expertise, we offer you the necessary security in every phase of the product development – talk to us!

In a nutshell

  • Cast components and casting systems for different casting processes
  • Development of exterior and interior
  • Transmission development
  • Demonstrators and functional models
  • Construction of molds and core boxes
  • Design and manufacture of contour touching gripper and handling devices
  • Development and manufacturing of test and auxiliary devices